Léon Leather Jackets

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Why would a promising designer leave a plumb job with cult designer Robert Geller after just five years? Well, to to set up his own company, for one. And to start creating clothes for his girlfriend.

“It came after years of complaints from my female friends about how hard it was to......

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  • http://www.facebook.com/fashionblogger Cyril Foinet

    I like the black & white and the treatments of the lookbook, also the jacket, im not too sure. It looks also that there is only one model, which is a bit weak for a upcoming designer. Im not a fan at all. What you girls think of it ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ricci.lacour Ricci Lacour

    I would certainly say that there needs to be a lot more material for an upcoming designer…maybe he should have stayed a few more years at Geller. The lookbook didn’t serve its purpose but yes the treatments are nice.

  • http://www.keepsworkshop.com/ KEEPSWORKSHOP

    Hi Cyril,

    Peter here. Thanks for your comment.

    I’m definitely not in a rush to launch with a large line of leather jackets. It is quite the investment piece for anyone, including myself as a designer. I think the mistake many new designers make is assuming they need to create a huge scene with a show and large collection.

    The goal for myself has always been to create beautiful products well, and have a better relationship with my customers. So far, the response is small, but great. I’m currently designing new jackets every 2 months, this shift in non traditional model helps me work on my designs and pace myself, creatively and financially.