LCMDF: Take Me To The Mountains (Get Well Soon Remix)

Listen to “Take Me to the Mountains (Get Well Soon Remix)” Here

      3. TAKE-ME-TO-THE-MOUNTAINS---Get-Well-Soon-


If Andy Warhol could paint music it would likely amount to an audio-visual pop-art explosion titled LCMDF. The dream-pop-electro queens of Le Corps Mince de Francoise, sisters Emma and Mia Kemppainen, have been storming through Finland’s music scene in a whirl of synth-fused dance beats and vocally luscious urban mixes. Their last album Love & Nature (Heavenly Recordings / Sony Records Finland), produced by Kaiku Studios in collaboration with UK music maven Dave “Switch” Taylor (M.I.A., Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Björk) was hypnotic and psychedelic, and it paved the way for a lineup of singles and remixes including Ghandi (NY Fashion Week D&G), Ray-Ban Glasses (EP), Future Me (promo), and a trancing Take Me To The Mountains. With a jolt from deep Euro mixers, Get Well Soon spins the single into overdrive exploiting vocals with electric undertones, a song Mia says is about hype and success, and the bad stuff that comes through that roller coaster.

“I feel we are like a moving train, people and ideas get on and get off, there has already been a lot of phases to our group. But one thing that is certain is that we’re getting closer to the style and personality of music we want to make. I think we have definitely become more open minded,” says Mia in response to their progression over recent years.

LCMDF is nothing new to music, as the indie pop fusion scene sprouts throughout Northern Europe, the sisters have made a swift climb. They’ve been at it since early 2007, swapping work with such masters as Andrew Weatherall, mixes from MVSEVM, and Dicky Trisco as the A-list continues. Boldly stylish and original the duo is as eye-catching as ear-catching.When asked from where they draw their wildly unique image, Mia responded “We’ve been very drawn to the late 90’s and the early millennium, it’s the time when we were kids. We want to bring in influences from this time, but without making it too retro, I think it’s still important to remember the time you live in. In lyrics we have only one rule: don’t take yourself so goddamn seriously.”

With never bored and always spontaneous attitudes, Emma and Mia always have new tunes up their sleeves. And while their eyes are set on sweeping America and a wrap on their second album release (stay tuned!), the Finnish sisters are fueled for 2012, roaring as international fanfare continues to spike.

Listen to “Ghandi” Here

      4. Gandhi


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