La Pause, Morocco

La Pause sits 30 km from Marrakesh, or, as it was referred to as in ancient times, the Marrakchi Desert, nestled in the arid Agafay Hills, an exquisite oasis that runs along the Oued riverbeds and has exquisite views across the vast Moroccan wilderness. Nomadic tents are placed around the property, along with a lodge, all made of thick pisé,( traditional mud and straw )

Meals are served under a Berber tent, the greens in the salads come from the garden and the olive oil comes from the La Pause olive groves. This magical place is meant for one to replenish their soul and commune with nature, littered about are hammocks and terraces all designed to relax and go within. There’s a small and charming stone pool, camel and horse rides are available, sunset being the optimal time, then dinner under the stars while local Gnawan musicians play as you eat.  There is a heaven right here on earth.

Gnawan hotel La Pause Marrakesh Morroco
Michele Llanos

free spirit gypsy with a background as fashion director, editor, stylist, jewelry designer, and showroom owner ; major travel junkie with a future trip to the cosmos on the bucket list. i'll probably be wearing Rick Owens

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