Kontor Kontur Still Life of Everyday Objects

Swedish design office Kontor Kontur’s latest project is this very cool still life series of everyday objects describing the craftsmanship behind graphic and office work. The visual arrangements primarily office supplies, are placed into color themed composition, which remind me a lot of the very cool website Things Organize Neatly and Carl Kleiner latest editorial.

“We used things we found around us in our everyday life, a mishmash of ordinary but beautiful things that describe the craftsmanship behind graphic and office work,”

{www.kontorkontur.se} // {buy posters}

Kontor Kontur neat Still Life

Cyril Foiret

French Trendsetter, living & working in New York : art direction, trend forecasting, styling and designing are part of my daily activities. PS: Sorry for my French, I don't pretend to be a writer and I know that my writing is not the best...

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