Ketel One Vodka’s Modern Craft Project

Trendland recently joined Ketel One Vodka in the Lower East Side’s Projective Space, lovingly toasting the best craftsmen of today in celebration of the vodka brand’s Modern Craft Project. The new initiative seeks to find and nurture top craft brands from around the world. Representing the best in modern design, the current initiates are Azure Furniture, jewelry brand Digby & Iona, gentleman’s accessory maker Ernest Alexander, leather goods maker Leatherhead, specialty syrup maker Morris Kitchen, and specialty stationary craftsmen Terrapin.


What is a modern craftsman?  By Ketel One Vodka’s criteria, a modern craftsman builds upon the past to create something contemporary.  Pushing their craft further to create their own legacy, he or she may innovate contemporary materials, harness new technology, and develop work commercially without compromising its authenticity.  After having the chance to check out the individuals selected, we have new insights into our motives and incentives for creating craftsmanship demand.


In addition to the chance for global exposure and recognition under the Ketel name, each craft brand is also has the chance to receive funding from the Ketel One Legacy endowment.  The lucky top 3 will receive a $10,000 prize intended to further their work and vision, allowing them to devote new energy to their craft.  A global panel of experts will select the lot on May 10, 2013.  If you are a modern craft brand, head over to and find out more on entering the program.

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