Kate MccGwire’s Feather Sculptures

kate mccgwire-1

Artist Kate MccGwire collects molted bird feathers and reuses them to create beautiful and intricate sculptures in all different scales. Some of her installation work is particularly fascinating because of the time it takes to collect as many as 10,000 feathers to make one piece......

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  • Sara

    ^i was thinking the same

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  • http://www.katemccgwire.com/ Kate

    Hi Sara and Margaritha – over the years I have made contact with  about a hundred pigeon racing enthusiasts who send me their birds feathers when they moult in the Spring and Autumn – these are feathers that fall out naturally and are replaced by new ones – I see it as a form of recycling
    I hope that helps you to feel differently about my work,

    Best wishes

  • http://www.katemccgwire.com/ Tasha

    Actually MccGwire often talks at length about how her materials are collected as she is more than conscious of the environmental implications… she has a network of pigeon enthusiasts and bird keepers who send her moulted feathers twice a year when the birds naturally moult. It can take years to collect enough for a single piece and I think she should be applauded for collecting them in this time-consuming and considerate manner and for being open about the source of her materials. Also the work is a celebration of birds and should be appreciated as so… it is far too easy to nitpick what is actually an astounding body of work. As a nature lover and an art lover I think it’s amazing.