Juan Francisco Casas Ballpoint Artworks


These are not photographs, they are the AMAZING Ballpoint or Bic Pen sketched artworks of Spanish born artist Juan Francisco Casas. Casas draws (and paints)  large size canvases, where ......

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  • spaceface

    Wow, amazing. I'd love to see Juan Francisco's gallery in person.

  • Jonathan

    Absolutely no point in this at all. The photos were rubbish to start with, copying them doesn’t make things any better. This is no more art than my little finger is. Btw have you seen my little finger exhibition? I put my little finger on a photocopier and blue-tac the resulting images on a wall.

  • steinberg

    These pictures are really fun. I like them. They capture the wild side of young women.

  • Meade

    I think Jonathan is a Dick.The art is fantastic,regardless of wether or not you like the content.The skillz are there,definately

  • kuas

    mr jonathan,u are an absolutly ignorant that has no fuckin idea about art at all.
    even a fuckin 5 year stupid kid could tell this is amazin.
    this is made by pen (bic) u stupid cunt. i would love to see how u shove ur finger up ur dirty ass and do somethin that can even comparative to this man.
    read some books u ignorant.

  • lucy

    i think jonathan is just jelouse because he cant get women to tis or draw as good as this i cant get over his work it is very good i really would like to see one of his exhabitions :)

  • Barkley

    “even a fuckin 5 year stupid kid could tell this is amazin.”

    Yeah, surely they would. Children are impressed quite easily. And even when you’re an adult, a lot of simple things look amazing when you don’t have an understanding of what’s behind it all.

    Casas simply traces photos in a very direct/unthinking way. If you understood his technique – which would take no more ‘mastery’ than it does to learn to drive – you could create work interchangeable with his.

    It’s just photos projected onto paper and then filled in with a pen using simple cross-hatching. The works are huge, like 10 – 12 foot tall, and so when you see them on the computer they’re shrunken down an incredible lot and look like photos, the imperfections disappear and a false delicateness comes about. Search his name with Google Images though, and restrict to ‘LARGE’ results, and you can see something closer to the reality of them. You can see very clearly that’s its pen and the scribbling lines and whatnot are plainly there. When seen in person there’s no way you’d mistake any of them for photos.

    These works are empty, I think, just a gimmick. Take away the BIC pen and what do you have? It certainly took effort to create the work, I don’t deny that, but still all it is transferring/copy a photo to paper with elementary technique. There’s no idea there, no feeling, no nothing, just a gimmick and a cold display of technique.

  • DavidKlein

    Yeah, the few people who see this for what it is, I thank you. Tracings, with a BIC. I draw with Bics, and am extremely confident in saying I’m a better artist. Anyone with enough time can traCE A PICTURE. These drawings certainly took time and a steady hand, but the only reason people like them is because they are of attractive, close to naked women. No thought behind this art, just a dude who likes to fu@k (not that theres anything wrong with that). But at least see it for what it is. TRACINGS.

  • 21stcent

    a little less for the dick and a little more on the brain. this hipster talent is overrated. start appreciating something more in creativity then just boobs pussy’s and horny dicks. you fucking cunts.

  • Alexiasunni

    How call you all be condemning him for having nudes?  All throughout history nudes have been a popular subject for a piece.  The fact that there are nude women is not the only thing that attracts me to his style.  It is the detail and how he captures the realism from the photographs.  I think people looking down on his work are just jealous that he can have a good time.

  • Kolyada

    http://www.kolyada.com- underground forbidden art in Ukraine made with ball-point pen…