iVictrola: Taking the iPod Back to the Old School


The iVictrola is a very cool piece of hardware made by NYC designer Matt Richmond who has conjured up an amalgamation of the iPod dock with a 20th century metal Magnavox horn. Please register to view this post.


  • http://cyanaboutique.com Mini Boss

    he did one in white a while back, im pretty sure. how much are these?

  • http://www.stopstealingmylook.com zakmaq

    hes selling them for $35 they need to be pre-ordered 6-8 weeks before. this is the only model/colour he has up on his etsy store. they also do a limited edition one in black but i havnt come across any white ones yet.

  • http://www.geekandhype.com Joffrey

    Mini Boss> I think you are talking about the Phonophone II:

  • http://cyanaboutique.com Mini Boss

    YES THAT WAS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT AND I WAS SURE THAT WAS NOt 35 $. i dont really believe this one could be 35$ either. i cant imagine good sound for 25$ he should send us one so we can test it for our readers. ;)

  • http://www.smileinyourface.com ilja keizer
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