In Bloom by Rocio Montoya

We’ve been following Rocio Montoya‘s work for some time now. We love her collages and her latest series was created in collaboration with the makeup artist Cynthia León made, which turned into a surreal beauty session.

True to its aesthetics, Rocío explores female beauty in synergy with nature, using flowers as symbolic elements and a colorful palette as an allusion to the explosion of femininity. Summer is coming and with it the vestiges of spring remain dormant and enduring over time.







Photography and artwork: Rocío Montoya
Light: Alejandro Bazal
M.U.A.H: Cynthia de León
Model: Brunna Garduño

"In Bloom" collage Mexia Media Rocio Montoya
Jade Moyano

Jade is a New York based writer, traveler, and editor. She writes about culture and travel trends as the Managing Editor of and is a regular contributor to Monocle, Milk Made, and A Hotel Life.

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