Hot Sugar : Fuckable (feat. Baghdaddy)

Listen to “Fuckable(feat. Baghdaddy)” here


Beat magician Nick Koenig aka Hot Sugar is coming up in the music scene on a fresh tip. The New York, New York based talent has got some serious tricks up his sleeves and “Fuckable”— featuring the smooth and sexy vocal delivery of Baghdaddy— is just the tip of this young guns musical iceberg. The track has a definite downtempo disco vibe that is packed with a provocative appeal which in itself gets you a little hit and bothered. Not to mention, each individual sound that Koenig implements is worked to perfection and his unorthodox approach to creating the samples in his arrangements using everything from drum stick on a television to a cap gun is pretty much amazing. Don’t take my word though, check out the video below– brought to us by the likes of Creative Control– and witness it for yourself. You can also download Hot Sugar’s EP Muscle Milk for free here. Enjoy!

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