H&M Brings it Hard for Fall 2009


Ever since there was a confirmed statement on Topshop opening in NY, there has been a  lot of buzz around Topshop in the states. Now that it has opened you see the buzz in effect every time you get near the store. Its 4-floors of madness can hardly compare to any retailers success at the moment. Jammed with teeny bopper shoppers to savvy fashion editors you get a peep of the fashion rainbow in full range. But what about our loyal H&M, who has been bringing us fast fashion all this time there was no Topshop at hand. H&M as always has responded well by creating a very tightly concepted collection that all the fashion bloggers have been dying over. The grungy, 90’s-biker-chic vibe compressed into an item based collection that will have girls splurging away is a brilliant move on their part. I love to see hyper concentrated stylist bound collections translated into fast fashion.








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