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Paris is known for its plethora of hotels. Take La Maison Champs Elysées which is the first hotel to be decorated by Martin Margiela and rated as one of the best hotel destinations in the world by Conde Nast travel (and can run you a bill of 300 euros/ night +). Or for instance the Hôtel Thoumieux, which boasts an impressive array of pattern from the ceiling to the floor, and a menu so succulent and French, it might make you want to take some cooking courses.

And then there is the surreal, modern and minimal Hôtel Original Paris, which can run a bill around 165 euros+, and includes ceiling art, jelly fish lamps, and gorgeous iridescent tiles. At Hôtel Notre Dame you will experience the plush, opulence, and patina of French history. Refurbished by Christian Lacroix, the eye is rewarded with endless details, and is starting at 229 euros/ night.

Similar in details to Notre Dame is Le Bellechasse – which is also designed by Christian Lacroix. Seven is another extremely impressive state of the art Parisian hotel, that has themed rooms proudly named “Absolute Levitation Room” which curiously has a levitating bed, levitating bathtub, black lights, glass, and neon decor. Or the suite named “Black Diamond” which has a Swarovski encrusted bathtub. How about the “Alice” or the “007” rooms? At The Five Hotel, you may also sleep on a suspended bed, with themed rooms, but the novelty is less about impress and more about sleeping soundly with minimal details, save for some twinkling lights.

Hôtel Notre Dame // starting at 229 EUR

Hôtel Original Paris // starting at 249 EUR

Hôtel Thoumieux // starting at 250 EUR

Hôtel Thoumieux // starting at 250 EUR

Hôtel La Maison Champs Elysées // starting at 324 EUR

The Five Hôtel // starting at 87 EUR

The Seven Hôtel // starting at 337 EUR

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Robyn Germanese

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