Hamansutra: ‘A Thousand Moves in the Game of Fashion’


The Hamansutra label was launched in Munich, Germany, in 1996 and the company was formed in London in 2004. The Hamansutra brand presents clothing as art objects, focusing on a holistic view of external changes which in turn necessitate designs to be aligned in keeping. See some......

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  • eric

    wow – overalls look great!

  • Jason

    Who produced your shoes and videos? The qualities are amazing.

  • eddy

    Glad to see some new work, I went to henrik vibskov coincidentally last week in New York and bought a Shoe. The shoes are still looking good!


  • Elle

    …seems like everything is going great for you. so happy.
    outstanding showcase – great feature.

    ciao for now

  • Rebecca

    This is a great understanding and passion for design.
    it`s time to start and interesting and challenging conversation with you.

  • Bast

    Nothing Beats Made in Germany, And yes, Your Overalls, It’s a Uniform, not a costume.
    well dun Mr. Hamansutra – tough as leather!

  • Reich

    “cut his teeth in military tailoring” …very interesting.

  • Melle

    Hey hamansutra, dein Film 7112…
    Junge, du machst mich nachdenklich. (im positiven Sinne)
    NY für Kreativität und Deutschland für Technologie.

    7000 Jahre in die Zukunft – das ist viel, aber wahrscheinlicher als 14 Milliarden…wir empfangen 14 Millarden Jahre Signales vom Rand des Univesums, d.h. unsere Post hat Verspätung!

    da was du da machst, das nimmt Dir keiner mehr weg! .

    ..you do it while you’re young!


  • tuesday

    I always love your creations, great presentation too, happy to see them coming!
    Cheers and keep on


  • fan ferry

    He Haman, Superman,

    Just keep going, because you so fly. your fan ferry

  • shedgy

    hamansutra shoes I think that is pretty clever, just adorable.

  • ellie

    Theoretically, you and your honeybunch could each get a pair of the hamansutra shoes, and attach. How cute is that?

    male and female lace tips! What next?

  • Johnson

    coole sache das interview, gut gemacht…. jetzt versteh ich was du so treibst….. haha

    alles wird gut

  • helena

    HAMANSUTRA is simply fab
    seems to me there used to be a party game where we tied out shoes laces together and raced – not an easy feat (or should I say feet)!

    what a great creation.

  • Simon

    great portrait Video, are there any english subtitles?

  • uptown Girl

    I can’t get that picture out of my head of some man dragging a woman with their shoelaces attached! Fantastic set! Well Dun Haman

  • jenny

    Gorgeous look and I Love the hamansutra shoes

  • JJ

    the cmyk shoes are just adorable I’d love to discuss ways to help market your line.


  • downtown girl

    So Kick off ur CMYK shoes, drop ur pants, smile, & stay a while…Let your pleasure begin

  • henrik

    respectfully, The world is not ready for the mind of Hamansutra