Gold & Co. iPhone 5 Covers


Now that Apple iPhone 5 has been released on the market, and you are all looking to upgrade (or are you?), I would recommend picking up the truly spectacular, soon to be released, 24 karat gold editions, from London based Gold & Co. The black version comes in 24-karat gold p......

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  • Steve

    i like the gold one. too bad it’s an iphone… no thanks.

  • Hannover Lover Pullover

    iphone cost’s 32 cent in the production. wake up.

  • King

    I don’t know where you get your sources but iPhones sell around the same price at which they are sold. Apple needs to make profit but you need factor in engineering, marketing, and production costs. iPhones are actually significantly cheaper since it is made in China where the average manufacturing wage in 2009 was $2.00 instead of the wage of $35 in America.