Gérard Depardieu sells his Parisian Private Mansion for €50M


More information at www.feau-real-estate-paris.com

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You might have heard by now that all the biggest French fortunes are leaving the country due to very high Wealth Tax (ISF). That’s the case here for one of the most famous French actor Gérard Depardieu who’s leaving the country for Belgium, the most practical cause you’re an 1h30 from Paris and no Wealth Tax. All that to introduce you to his Private Mansion located in the heart of Paris. A Property with 1800 sqm (19.400 sqf) of living space, 20 rooms, 10 bedrooms, elevator, balcony, 2 terraces and an indoor swimming-pool. Listed as a Historical Monument this was before the Hotel de Chambon built in the 19th century. On the other side of the garden is a second loft-like building, light up by beams of light.


This dwelling is a superb piece of architecture and design. The ensemble underwent quality renovations. The private house on the street side was renovated in a pure and empire-like fashion. The renovations borrowed precious materials for the modern building, and distinguished contemporary artists. I wish they were more detailed pictures though… On the Market for €50M available via Daniel Feau

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  • darra

    franchement, je m’attendais a qque chose bien plus eleve… ya plein de kitsch dans cet ‘mansion’ :((( desolee pour l’archi qui a fait l’interieur

  • roxanne

    F*ck him and his crap movies. Depardieu has made a fortune for years in a highly overpaid career, and there’s no doubt he’s avoided paying his fair share of tax along the way. There his nothing admirable about this man, nor any other that refuses to share they’re good fortunes or contribute generously to their own people and countries infrastructure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fashionblogger Cyril Foinet

    Roxanne, I think you are a bit dumb in saying stupid sh*t! First of all he is an amazing actor, then if you understand how the tax system works in France you might speak differently, being tax between 85 to 100% of your revenue, do you think that’s normal? I say it’s ridiculous and I would do the same and say bye bye France (which I did already!)

  • roxanne

    First of all, thank you for the personal insult Cyril. It is always enlightening as to a persons intellect when they enter a discussion with somebody by a little name calling. Unfortunately for you I am not ‘dumb’, I understand what French tax system perfectly, clearly better than you and your preposterous claim that they’ll tax you 100% on your income. Wealth Tax is there to try and help the great inequality many of our nations face – they used to have something very similar in the United States many years ago and it served it’s purpose well. With more tax revenue there was a great boom in education, health, infrastructure (roads, railways, energy sources etc). When they got rid of it America ended up with poverty and massive inequality amongst it’s people – with the richest 400 Americans owning over half the wealth. Jean-Marc Ayrault is trying to restore the balance, and give everyone a chance in his country – not just pander to the rich elites like many nations do these days. Whereas Depardieu on the other hand clearly has more money than taste or ethics. I mean really Cyril do you really think he needs more millions to make his life more comfortable or meaningful?

  • Ulrike

    Have a look at his actual statement as to why he decided to leave France. Fair enough and absolutely reasonable. He also mentioned, that he paid more then 175 million Euro over the pass of his career. Let the man be.

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