Gentlemen Of Bakongo: The African Dandies



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  • Manuel Bonanno

    These guys are truly men of elegance. All that funkiness in the midst of sufferation….I doff my hat to them guys.
    Being a Royal Dandy is a state of mind …money cannot buy it.
    All I’ll say is that they, keep on doing what they know best.
    Feeling funky.

  • Cyril Style

    I agreed with you Manuel ! There’s style are amazing and money cannot buy it !

  • colorbash

    Not all of it is french/belgian inspired after all africans have flair and a sense of couleur all on their own – they are simply using it in interpretation. I love their style !!! and you don’t have to mention things like having style “in the midst of war and abject poverty”….having a sense of style is not related to either of the issues and in many cases they are probably putting together used clothes etc similar to a person that would shop from a thrift store. Carry on ‘Gentlemen’ !! enjoy life and stay stylish !!

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  • Micha Hannemann

    Fabulous, wish I could see an exhibition of these photographs. Congratulations to the gorgeous dressers as well as the photographer. Thank you I loved this article!!

  • GOS”

    STYLE has nothing to do with where you are from…

  • Blassia

    sometimes i wish i was born black so i could wear a pink suit with red hat, i think id be the happiest man alive

  • Heidi Ever Heart

    visual masterpiece. xx

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