Future Fossils by Bughouse


For these awesome ‘Future Fossils’ sculptures, artist Jeff Klarin and Rebecca Johnson from Los Angeles design studio Bughouse, thought about the future and created fossilized versions of turntables, Atari joysticks and various camera......

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  • Justin

    These are truly beautiful but i have a problem with them. they are not ‘future fossils’ these are items from 20 to 100 years ago which already install a sense of nostalgia (especially amongst the design orientated). Caking them in mud doesn’t offer any unusual or new perspective. It would be a much more significant challenge to show present day consumer goods and display them in such a way that it inspires this feeling of nostalgia. As it is, the above work relies on the past popularity and love of each item to evoke any feelings.

  • http://trendland.net/ TRENDLAND

    Justin, i agree with you, but that is how the artists named the series.
    Yesterday while doing research on the article i found these ‘future fossils’ that are a lot closer than real fossils.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.tilman.1 Marc Tilman

    These are a great and fun prediction of what some man made objects could look like if they were fossilized.
    Given enough time, plastic and many metals eventually break down, and could possibly be replaced with mineral deposits probably containing oxides of the metals they were manufactured from.
    Imagine in say 40 million years from now there could be rich deposits of games consoles, mobile phones, and iPods, rich veins of Plasma TVs, toilet seats, beer cans, aerosols, and of course road cones, and supermarket trollies.

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