Food Performance Art by Sonia Rentsch

Australian artist Sonia Rentsch is known for her clever concepts and eccentric still life scenes. In her latest series for Aussie food magazine, Rare Medium, Rentsch brings a dash of surrealism and theatrical play to food styling. Served by invisible waiters, dishes of beef, lamb and goat are transformed into silent performances at mealtime.

Photography by John Laurie

Art direction by Mash

food styling Rare Medium Sonia Rentsch Still Life surreal
Ashley Schulzetenberg

Year Born:1982
Location: Minneapolis // How many hours a day are you on the web? 8-9
Last cool project you worked on: global advertising campaign
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: 112 Eatery
Coolest person you know personally: Cleo, my shiba inu
Top 3 Places: NYC. Venice and Cinque Terre, Italy.
best hotel/place you visit last year: Reykjavik, Iceland
Next destination: Paris
Generation favorite: Lisa Frank

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