FOALS: Inhaler

      2. Inhaler

FOALS’ highly anticipated third album Holy Fire isn’t set to hit shelves until February 2013, but recently released single “Inhaler” has set a new and distinguishing tonal shift for the Oxford band. “Inhaler” displays parallels to Rage Against The Machine meets Prince, while maintaining true to their post-punk, dance-y and calculated beats.  The gentle and true vocals of Yannis Philippakis have taken a darker undertone in this release, which bares emotions of hostility, yearning for solitude, and “don’t mess with me” attitude. No doubt, this album will be different from 2010s Total Life Forever success – hopefully you weren’t anticipating another “Spanish Sahara”. It’s exciting to know that there are still bands that aren’t afraid of experimentation and change; the new sound is simply sexy.

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Written By Guest Blogger Dana Kelly

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