Felicita Sala’s Aussie Recipes

For today’s daily recipe, we have provided a triple-threat! Australian Artist Felicita Sala has rendered a few of her favorite recipes into simple step by step illustrations. Cooking by pictures is an easy way to register the measurements and gather mise en place to start cooking. Felicita re-creates her mother’s Calamari Ripieni  in a page organized with colorful squid, parmesan and garlic. The squid would perfectly complements a nice Fig & Goat Cheese Salad, don’t you think? The tart creamy goat cheese, accompanied but fresh figs and crunchy pistachios, I can just feel the bitter arugula and balsamic vinegar symphonizing with my taste buds. The final recipe and a sweet end to this Aussie style meal are Lamingtons. An Australian delicacy, lamingtons can require some skill to make, but Felicita has created a three page illustration to follow along step by step. Between the delicious recipes and delightful illustrations, Sala has won our hearts and our stomachs.

Check out more by Felicita Sala on her blog

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