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Full Moon Fest 2016

This NY Music Festival You Shouldn’t Miss!

Friends of Trendland, Matte Projects, is getting ready to receive all the New York partygoers for the latest edition of their Full Moon festival on the Governors Island…


Designing at the Intersection of Digital and Analogue

Imagine creating a world without limitations, a world where imperfections were celebrated for their uniqueness. This is what the work of recent Eindhoven graduate Olivier Van Herpt aspires to.


Dream Hotel for Dream Vacation [Fiji]

Recently opened last February and designed for inter-generational travelers, the Kokomo Private Island is on the edge of the Kadavu Island Group in Fiji.


Russell Kleyn’s And Gina Kiel’s Mirage Collages

Russell Kleyn and Gina Kiel partnered with The Service Depot for a series of abstract mixed media collages featuring fresh, international fashion labels. The two artists from New Zealand have already defined…