David Benoliel Beauty Photography
David Benoliel is a French Photography living in the United States between New York and Miami. David is best known for his work in fashion and beauty photography. David high very unique skills in selecting the perfect models who look statuesque and striking, as well as photo-manipulation, and post-processing. The result of


Beautiful Black & White Face Paintings
Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov uses the human face as his canvas for creating graphic, black and white face painting with makeup. From the WiFi icon to the Chanel logo or a QRcode across his model’s faces,


Beauty Tips & Lancôme Free Samples
Ladies, so TL has a BEAUTY TIP for you: How many times were you so thankful that your beauty purchase came with a little sample, because you happen to run out of mascara that day. Or maybe you just wanted to try a new product but aren’t willing to buy the full bottle in case […]


Igor Klepnev’s Pop Art Portraits
Igor Klepnev‘s recent Pop Art Portraits look like how one would imagine a female face being placed under an out-of-this-world psychedelic black light. Opposing yet vibrant hues play right alongside each other, exposing angles and


Rankin Beauty Collaboration with Ayami Nishimura
Rankin is on his way to publish a trilogy of books ( the first one featuring work of Alex Box ) with various make up artists, this is a teaser on the second one, a collab of Rankin and Ayami Nishimura…


Yulia Gorbachenko’s Beauty Photography
I just discovered the gorgeous work of Yulia Gorbachenko, School of Visual Arts in New York alumni. We can definitely sense the addiction to color, flare, and beauty in her work. Together with her makeup team, Gorbachenko does an amazing job capturing beauty. Enjoy some great beauty inspiration below.


Take care of your beard with Prospector Co
Prospector Co. is a line for men who seek purpose and forethought in their skin and shave products. With a beautiful packaging, the line captures something for every man with formulas for pre-shaving, post-shaving, unshaven scruff to a beard gone wild. Always all natural without any alcohol, each formula produced is created with care and […]