Gives Your Eyes a Lift
Have you ever wondered how a mod exhibition can be transformed to a beauty photoshoot? Well, wonder no more because The Wild Magazine has got you covered.


Pastel Strands
PASTEL STRANDS If, like us, you’re going googly-eyed for the immaculate look of pastel hair against pale, ethereal skin, you have Aura Friedman to thank. Five years ago, having observed her share of art and …


Isamaya Ffrench’s Painterly Beauty
i-D Magazine’s new beauty editor, Isamaya Ffrench considers herself a makeup artist and an illustrator. To that end, her face and body art take on a painterly quality.


Rankin & Andrew Gallimore Revisit Dia de Los Muertos Masks
A gorgeous beauty editorial by Rankin and Hunger’s Beauty Editor-At-Large Andrew Gallimore! Inspired by their previous work with death masks during Rankin’s Alive In The Face of Death exhibition,the pair once again teamed up for


We See Beauty.com Redefines the Marketplace
We See Beauty does it right. Setting a new standard for the over saturated beauty industry, the for-benefit marketplace makes its point through artist collaborations and the empowerment of local communities through its products and ideas. This includes MAKE, We See Beauty’s first beauty brand,


4 DIY Beauty Tips
Beauty blog Beautylish has four DIY beauty recipes that you’ll have to try at home today.


AnOther Magazine: Beauty Box
Oh, do you know the feeling of irresistible desire of looking inside the present box to see what is hidden there? AnOther Magazine x-rayed four present boxes with beauty secrets hidden inside.