Extraordinary Pigeon by Ho Man Stephanie Wong

Ho Man Stephanie Wong graduated from LCF with her collection under the name of “Extraordinary Pigeon”. And at first glace it may seem a representative title, there’s more behind Wong’s inspiration as (besides photographs of pigeons and nature), the whimsical paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Long story short, Arcimboldo’s talent flourished during the Renaissance, when the artists where obsessed with visual riddles. So was he, who drew human-like portraits made out of vegetables and fruits. That was what inspired Stephanie Wong: to create aesthetically garments that looked like  spectacular pigeons but actually weren’t, and to create technically garments that looked animal-skin made but actually weren’t either. The result was her graduation collection, environmentally harmless but with no lack of  a wild imagination.

For more information, visit: www.muuse.com

Ada Alti

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