Kex Hostel: Reykjavik
Kex front desk and lobby H ow would you like to disappear to one of the most beautiful spots in […]


Veuve Clicquot Rio Project
I created this video with Gabriel Mendes to give you a little overview of our Trip…   I had the […]


“Potions”, A 3D Exhibition by Masha Efremenko
[jwplayer width=”980″ height=”600″ file=”http://trendland.com/wp-content/video/potions.mp4″ image=”http://trendland.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/potions-by-masha-efremenko-1.png”]   M oscow based designer Masha Efremenko created a beautiful collection of feather headdresses and […]


Peter Rosa’s “All Tomorrows Parties” for Trendland
Photographer Peter Rosa captured “All Tomorrow’s Parties” styled by Sara Cooper for Trendland. The editorial features a great cast of […]


Raspberry Lime Cheescake : Pantone 1895 C
Rasberry Lime Cheescake    Preparation Time: 30 min Cook Time: 45 min Wait Time: 6 hours   4 cups graham […]


Trendland Talks With Yuksek: Living On The Edge Of Time
Listen to “Off The Wall” here BUY HERE French music maven, Yuksek, serves up new sounds in his latest work, Living On […]


Vinyl Desserts at 33 RPM By Phillip Karlberg
For this Vinyl Desserts at 33 RPM series photographer Philip Karlberg and set designer / chef Mattias Nyhlin wanted to see […]


Markus Ziegler Abstract Urbanism
Recent Brooklyn transplant, photographer Markus Ziegler introduced us to his personal Abstract Urbanism project. Ziegler looks into architecture and urban […]


Exclu: The EXP 9 F Bentley SUV
For the first time on the web, Trendland exclusively introduces the brand new Bentley SUV. Launching at the Geneva Motor […]