Strawberry Tart : Pantone 186 C
Strawberry Tart Preparation Time : 20 minutes Cook Time : 20 minutes   1 Puff Pastry 4 Tbsp Sugar 4 Egg Yolks 2 Tbsp Corn Starch 2 Tbsp Flour 2 cups Boiling Milk Preparation   Bake 2 tart shells. Gently whisk the egg yolks and sugar until obtaining a white mixture. stir in flour and […]


Kex Hostel: Reykjavik
Kex front desk and lobby H ow would you like to disappear to one of the most beautiful spots in the globe for a few days? We were lucky enough to do just that and visit Iceland last month, spending a few days in her capital city, Reykjavik. Although is was a bit too early […]


Veuve Clicquot Rio Project
I created this video with Gabriel Mendes to give you a little overview of our Trip…   I had the chance to be invited by the awesome team of Veuve Clicquot to test if their champagne tasted differently under the Rio Sun – These awesome few days were spent with a fun crew composed of […]


“Potions”, A 3D Exhibition by Masha Efremenko
  M oscow based designer Masha Efremenko created a beautiful collection of feather headdresses and came up with a brilliant way to present them, in this 3D video exhibition by Transparent House. Set in what appears to be some heavenly universe, these works of art come to life as the viewer closes in on each […]


Peter Rosa’s “All Tomorrows Parties” for Trendland
Photographer Peter Rosa captured “All Tomorrow’s Parties” styled by Sara Cooper for Trendland. The editorial features a great cast of Ford girls – Charlene, Lina, Olivia, and Rachel with makeup by Konstanze Zeller and hair by Damian Monzillo.


Raspberry Lime Cheescake : Pantone 1895 C
Rasberry Lime Cheescake    Preparation Time: 30 min Cook Time: 45 min Wait Time: 6 hours   4 cups graham crackers 2 cups cream cheese 4 tbs butter 1 large egg 1 lime 1 cup powdered sugar 3 1/2 tbs raspberry puree (to make from scratch use frozen raspberries and 1 tbs sugar)   Preparation […]


Trendland Talks With Yuksek: Living On The Edge Of Time
Listen to “Off The Wall” here BUY HERE French music maven, Yuksek, serves up new sounds in his latest work, Living On The Edge Of Time (Savoir Faire Music). And with this new material, Yuksek, aka Pierre-Alexander Busson alters his direction from DJ spin-stunner to full-blown singer-songwriter in the electro-pop/rock scene. With his ear to the dance floor, he […]


Vinyl Desserts at 33 RPM By Phillip Karlberg
For this Vinyl Desserts at 33 RPM series photographer Philip Karlberg and set designer / chef Mattias Nyhlin wanted to see another type of food images and created some themselves. Associating each image and recipe to a particular song, they


Markus Ziegler Abstract Urbanism
Recent Brooklyn transplant, photographer Markus Ziegler introduced us to his personal Abstract Urbanism project. Ziegler looks into architecture and urban sculpture for the shapes that shadows create. “I have never thought about it as a project, I just shoot when I see it, and