Errors: Relics

It all happened watching Ground Is Lava playing at 285 Kent a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I got home, first thing I had to do was to search for all his sets, lucky enough I found the remix he did for this band called Errors which instantly blew my mind. “Relics” is part of the last album of this three piece “post-electro” band from Glasgow. They are signed to Rock Nation Records, the label founded and managed by Mogwai, and released the record on VHS (it’s unbelievably true). The tape includes 8 music videos from 8 different directors to accompany the album.

Check out the two versions below. Both are amazing, hard to compare.
[mp3j track=”Relics-Errors.mp3″]
[mp3j track=”Relics-Groundislava-remix.mp3″]

Nicole Lopez

Year Born: 1992
Location: NYC // How many hours a day are you on the web? 24/7, blame my iPhone
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Coolest person you know personally: My parents
Best place to eat in your neighborhood: L.A Burrito, truly.
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