Erevos Aether’s “Mythical Universe”


ith just one year since the birth of the label, Erevos Aether has already found recognition as a visionary fashion designer, whose career is nurtured by his loyal fans, including the likes of Daphne and Gaga. For his most recent collection, the visionary designer Erevos Aether embarked on a journey deep inside the universe to meet the seven daughters Atlas, after whom the star cluster Pleiades is named. Dominated by hot blues, deep greens and metallics, the luminous stars are the most visible to the naked eye in the dark night’s sky and this ethereal beauty served as the inspiration for the designer’s “M45 Pleiades” collection.


revos Aether’s finely crafted creations focus first and foremost on the female body, emphasizing its superiority through the structure of his detailed and complex designs. Employing couture sewing techniques and pushing the boundaries of garment technology, Erevos Aether incorporates opulent embroidery and conceptual detailing to bring out the compelling starkness of his dark and mythical world. Taking reference from the captivating star cluster lighting up the night, the colour palette of this collection is mainly black, with the deep blues and greens alongside reflective metallics adding mystery.

Written by Guest Blogger Katlin Siil


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