En Vie – Alive Exhibit

 En Vie – Alive is an exhibit in Paris that let’s you peek through a crystal ball into the future. A future where biological fabrication takes the place of natural growth. A $320,000 test-tube burger is only a small jump compared to what’s being conceptualized at this exhibit, elevating bioengineering as we know it! Designers and artists disrupt and shake up these controversial concepts and take on their own interpretation of the future. These trailblazers live in a world where nature can be designed and used to make everyday product come alive, a “programmable nature.”


Learn more about all of these new divisions of art, science and technology where Plagiarists, New Artisans, Bio-Hackers, New Alchemists, and Agent Provocateurs drive a new way of thinking and living. Visit the exhibit to see bio-engineered soil from Philip Beesley, and a Biophotovoltaic Moss Table used to harvest energy. One of my favorites was a new hydroponic farming technique where plants can be engineered to produce food while growing fabric from their roots. Carole Collet calls this, “Biolace.”  There are so many more amazing things in this Alive exhibit like a robotic jellyfish from Vincent Furnier, while Amy Congdon‘s “Biological Atelier” explores living materials used for design. Discover the amazing things the future has in store and catch En Vie – Alive before it ends September 1st 2013.

En Vie – Alive

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