Editorial Trends for 2012-13

Damien Blottiere for Vogue Hommes Japan, left

2012 is the year mixed media exploded onto the pages of our favorite fashion magazines.  Whether painted, illustrated, layered, collaged, or all of the above, editors internationally took a cue from the art world to offer up some truly original and visually enticing stories.  In contrast to continually seeing the same superstar photogs, the name of the game has been collaboration for some time, combining different sensibilities and perspectives for new insights into the nature of fashion editorial.  With so many elements in play it is easy to butcher the image with overkill, but we found plenty of successes in 2012.  Some of our favorite conspirators in this trend include Damien Blottiere, Ina Jung, and Rosanna Webster.

Moving forward into 2013, the art meets fashion trend will continue to appeal to our highest aspirations when turning the pages of a magazine.  Portraying objects of desire and still life’s go hand and hand, widening the path for conceptual photography in the fashion realm, and impacting the print world in a more prominent way.  Dutch duo Scheltens & Abbenes continued to lead the way in this manner in 2012, as did Peter Lippmann and Dominik Tarabanski.  We hope to see the interplay of the different realms continue its fruition in the new year.

Nicole Heiniger’s photography gets gritty and gorgeous with art direction by From Brazil, With Love in this editorial.

Ina Jang for Jalouse April 2012 edition.

Jean-Marc Guillaume teamed up with photographer Paolo Roversi in this Vogue UK editorial.

Photographer Jacob Sutton explores collaging in this editorial for Numero Homme.

Simple and stunning, see Rosanna Webster’s editorial for Stamp Magazine here.

Nagi Sakai teamed up with art director Leslie David for amazing color in this Please Magazine editorial.

Dominik Tarabanski collides the worlds of fine art, still life and fashion photography seamlessly and beautifully.

Check out our exclusive interview with leading conceptual photographers Scheltens & Abbenes here.

Fred Lebain turned iconic perfume bottles into dessert in this editorial for Wad Magazine.

Peter Lippmann shoots hens in luxury jewelry in this editorial for Marie Claire.  Check out all of his work on Trendland here.

Swedish photographer Niklas Alm takes conceptual still life product photography to new heights.  See more of his work here.

Philippe Jarrigeons’ gives life to the lifeless.  Check out our review of his work here.

Mierswa & Kluska’s work, here.

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