Django Django: Hail Bop

Django Django Cover Art

Upbeat, electronic melodies heard in “Default,” “Storm,” and “Love’s Dart” snuck off the record revealing the band’s dreamy beach-like quality depicting a happy-go-lucky youth–so, why wouldn’t listeners want more than a tease?


“Hail Bop” is the newest and last track to sneak off the album before its August 14th launch date, and plays up a Cut Copy-meets-Beach Boys sound, which surprisingly is as unique as it is well-done.



The video accompaniment, directed by Daniel Swan, features Django Django singer/guitarist, Vinnie Neff caught in a cosmic world that any Nintendo 64 veteran would recognize. The abstract concept came from the mind of their drummer (and video producer), David Maclean. It is what you might imagine a computer generator’s heaven might look like: All on a grid, the video features a psychedelic universe of swirly terrains, glowing horizons, and a mansion in space to house world-class cars and a leisurely lifestyle. Enjoy and happy Friday!

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