Disclosure feat. Sam Smith: Latch

You know that emotional wave you’re riding on when you first meet someone special?

      2. Latch


To sum it up, it’s that natural high where you’re basically walking around smiling all week. I think Disclosure has successfully captured that emotion and played it back to us in a 4 minute single – which I’ve been keeping on repeat for the past few days now… so needless to say, I’ve been in a good mood. The British house brother duo Guy and Howard Lawrence have been mixing beats since 2010 and have recently opened for larger acts like SBTRKT and Hot Chip with their first studio album to release in March 2013. “Latch” is one of their most noteworthy tunes of their recent work. The song captures emotional ecstasy, infused with dance-y house beats and the full-bodied soul vocals of Sam Smith. The single has a slow and elevating introduction before dropping the hook in some serious house entangled bass and sythn-y sounds. The song is playable on multiple platforms from the club scene to workouts, or around the house. I especially like the video – which innocently flirts with the intimacy of couples of on all different levels of attraction.


For more information, visit soundcloud.com/disclosuremusic

Written by Dana Kelly

Disclosure latch latch feat. sam smith sam smith
Dana Kelly

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