Australian Chain Pressed Juices Opens its latest Juice Bar
Juicing continues to be all the craze, and with all the competition brands are really stepping up the game with branding and conceptual storefronts.


Tell A Story Initiative
An initiative of advertising agency MSTF Partners from Lisbon, Tell a Story aims to promote Portuguese literature from across the ages. The project features a vintage ‘book van’ that – ...


Par La Roy in Mexico
SAVVY Studio, based in Monterrey, Mexico, is a multidisciplinary workplace, where different areas of design come together, to create unique and unified experiences for their clients. One of the most recents projects is the Par La Roy Store, in Mexico City.


Magazyn in Antwerp
Magazyn, which translates to¬†“storehouse” in many languages, is a homeware store created by Thomas Haarman, located in the magnificent city of Antwerp.


Aesop New Store in Taipei
Written by Ana Rita Ramos Aesop is known for its perfectly well made range of skin, body and hair products, but also for being a Melbourne based company clearly in ...


Juice Truck Store & Product
Vancouver-based design agency Glasfurd & Walker has once again developed the concept and branding of the new Juice Truck Store. The interior design is an extension of The Juice Truck brand – brightly colored walls, fruit-inspired art and wallpaper with


Nike Women’s Fall Holiday Presentation ’14
Looking closely at the sport garb trends, it’s clear that the bold colors are taking over the shelves of many shops, including Nike. But what if all those colors could spread through the entire store and create an integrant image of the brand and the collection itself?


Soft Minimalism By Menu [Denmark]
People love to look at minimalist homes but are wary of actually living in one. The Danish design company Menu finds pieces that, while simple, imbibe some sense of warmth.