RoAndCo for Loeffler Randall
New York based design studio RoAndCo created the brand aesthetic for footwear company Loeffler Randall.


The Prahran Hotel [Melbourne]
In Melbourne, Australia, you can live a theatrical and voyeuristic experience, in The Prahran Hotel, a small city pub turned into a hotel by Techné Architects.


The Green Orchard House [Bristol]
For the Green Orchard House architect Paul Archer demolished existing dilapidated dwelling and replaced it with a new contemporary zero carbon residence. The site is located in a spectacular position, with views over the


Trendhome: The Pink Palazzo Chupi
Any New Yorker who doesn’t know whose house this is has definitely at least stopped by it and stared. When artist and filmmaker Julian Schanbel imposed his magnificent building onto the West Village, it left its neighbors shocked. You would have no idea what to expect from the inside based on its pink Venetian exterior, […]


The Dali Museum in Florida [HOK]
The new Salvador Dali Museum looks like it really materialized from Dali’s consciousness; the museum dedicated to the surrealist artist opened its doors on January 11th, 2011, in St. Petersburg, Florida.