Zash Country Boutique Hotel [Sicily]
For those of you who enjoy a touch of the old world but love contemporary design, Sicily’s Zash Country Boutique Hotel offers contrasting elements that will charm any traveler.


One Hot Yoga Studio [Melbourne]
Though yoga was at one point in history often practiced in caves, we applaud Robert Mills’ design of One Hot Yoga studio for bringing the meaning of ‘sanctuary’ to life.


2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Award Winner: Workshop Kitchen + Bar
And the award for best restaurant in America goes to…Palm Springs’ Workshop Kitchen + Bar, designed by SOMA Architects.


A Beach House in Comporta
Written by Guest Blogger Indre Blauzdziunaite   I just found a perfect example of what Idyll actually is.


Trends in Packaging: Numbers
Packaging design is a huge segment of the design industry.  As you know, the way products are packaged and presented directly relates to how well they will sell and what kind of audiences they will sell to.