“Copper Crossings” at Triennale
A retrospective exhibition titled Copper Crossings,  is hosted in Milan’s Triennale, and consists a modern interpretation on copper’s significance and its applications on every creative aspect.


Porsche Showroom by 1:1
Car dealerships aren’t known for their conceptual freedom and visual appeal, normally restrained to typical white backgrounds and blatant price tags (not to mention other humorous references often portrayed in comedy); it is quite refreshing that lately brands have woken up to the boutique concept, and some go beyond the usual glossy architecture.


Digital Desktop Clock Designs
TTMM is a designer collection of active desktop clocks. It turns your Mac into a stylishly artistic, powerfully aesthetic clock which looks like it’s come from the future.


“Dust Matter(s)”
Lucie Libotte knows well that every little thing carries a story. Proof, is the designer’s latest project “Dust Matter(s)“. As the title suggests, the protagonist is the always unwanted and sidelined dust.


Kamen Marble Tables by Studio Macura
As the marble-print trend continues to go strong, its place in interior design regains its confidence as a modern staple. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the design label Studio Macura, that presented the newest addition to its furnishing collection.