God’s Loftstory by Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen
Written by Guest Blogger Madeline Rudin Taking a bubble bath on the mezzanine of a chapel and napping in a cabana by a monastery garden are suddenly tangible activities, and not just on church Sunday.


TrendHome: Water Tower Turned London Residence
With all the converted spaces of today, this London residence, a former water tower, is a pretty exciting one to share!  In 2008,  Leigh Osbourne and Graham Voce bought this 99 foot tall crowned with a huge steel water tank tower for £395,000 and converted it into a luxury home.  The brick building itself is quite […]


Nike X LeBron James Crown Jewel Packaging
Typically, a 10 year basketball anniversary is celebrated with diamonds, and Nike did just that recently by creating a special, limited edition LeBron James shoe after a decade of producing the basketball player’s signature shoe.  For this very special colorway, Nike found inspiration in the purple of the Crown Jewels of England.  


Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli by Jinhyun Jeon
Sensorial stimuli Cutlery is a project by Eindhoven based designer Jinhyun Jeon to create a richer experience of tasting through the creation of specific cutlery stimulating the senses.   Cutlery design focuses on getting food in bite-sized morsels from the plate to the mouth, but it could do so much more. The project aims to


Frank Lloyd Wright: Petra Island for Sale
Written by Guest Blogger Marta Baniukiewcz Frank Lloyd Wright – a name that speaks for itself in the realms of architecture and modernity. One of his houses, along with an entire 11-acre Petra island went recently on sale. Located only 47 miles from New York City it offers a great getaway to a quiet landscape […]