Keeping the Bloggers Dream Alive
Leandra Medine is the author and blogger behind The Man Reppeler. If you are already familiar with the direct, uninhibited and opinionated voice behind the well known blog, and now you can discover the new office where Leandra and her team work to to keep the bloggers dream alive.


Villa F by Hornung and Jacobi Architecture
Villa F is a holiday retreat sporting ultra modern architecture. Hornung and Jacobi Architecture opted for a minimalist and calm project, keeping their eyes on sustainability and efficiency.


Architect Guilherme Torres Review
Brazilian Architect/Interior designer Guilherme Torres is a perfectionist, his work ethic and commitment to quality is apparent in his work. With distinct signature such as the concrete look or pastel gradient palettes, the crisp forms, minimalist details, and rich-but-reserved pallets material that his designs are consistently characterize applied across single-family residences, interior renovations, retail fit-outs, […]


Casa do Conto in Porto, Portugal
Casa do Conto arts&residence, is a boutique hotel located in Porto, Portugal, designed by the architectural office Pedra Líquida.  The hotel’s design combines contemporary spirit with lush interior finishes, giving life to a beautiful nineteenth century house through a restoration process.


Edible Insects for the Masses
Imagine a world where insect consumption demand triumphs meat. Edible insects have become ideal meat substitutes considering their protein-rich and high in fat content benefits at low environmental costs.