TrendHome: Warehouse Loft in SoMa [San Francisco]
This stunning multiple levels loft of 5,000 square feet is located in San Francisco, SoMa neighborhood. Developed by its former owner in collaboration with Martin Building Company, the 110 Freelon ...


Potato Head Beach Club : Bali
Written by Guest Blogger Danny Bond Opened in late 2010, Potato Head is a uniquely designed beach club that showcases the owner’s collection of 1950’s Scandinavian & Indonesian furniture. Located ...


la Maison Champs-Elysées by Martin Margiela
Very ‘Margeliaeqsue’, all white, sterile, drapes, trompe-l’oeil wallpapers and custom furniture, the hotel ‘Maison Champs-Elysées’ commissioned Maison Martin Margiela to redesign, redecorate and reconcieve the hotel. Well not the entire hotel, but a big part of it. The very first hotel collaboration for the fashion house. MMM redecorates the suites, restaurant, smoking room, bar and […]


Trendhome : Stockholm Basement
The title of this feature may be a bit misleading. A basement does not really sound like a place I would dream of living but well-known graphic designer Lars Sundh has changed my mind with his transformed Cinema, a 4500 sq. foot basement filled with life and light. He went from living on a boat […]


Japan Love Hotels By Misty Keasler
Sexual connotation, fantasy or secret meetings, those establishments called ‘Love Hotels’ provide kinky fun for all types seeking sexual adventure. Photographer Misty Keasler traveled Japan to documented the


TrendHome: San Sebastián Apartment
For our TrendHome today, we are going to Spain, more precisely to the Basques Country, in San Sebastián. This clean and modern apartment is the home of Spanish interior designer Mikel Irastorza. When he found the space he wanted, stripped to its bare bones and redecorate it with a


Trendhome : Manhattan Townhouse
I am really not sure how I feel about this set up, especially considering it is inside of Chelsea towhouse in Manhattan, but either way it is worth a mention. I mean how many of you have been to an apt/townhouse in New York City with an indoor pool? Well, I have, one, but it […]


TrendHome: Price/Sheetz Residence Tribeca [NY]
This amazing 4,700-square-foot loft is located on Worth Street in Tribeca, owned by Trevor Price and Megan Sheetz, and designed by New York based A+I Design Corp studio. Featured in this TrendHome loft is a great mix of modern furnishing and raw brick walls, the wood-beam ceilings has


Super A Market Concept Store
Super A Market is the latest concept store opened in Tokyo. The concept behind the interior design of this luxury multi-brand boutique is centered on the idea of shopping for luxury items, which housed in an environment that emanates the enjoyment, the surmise and the ease of a supermarket.  An energetic sense of