Everyone Can Have A Fireplace Now
Japanese designers Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira have cleverly come up with a simple way of lighting up a room and uniting people around a communal design object. 


Future Archaeology by Nucleo Studio
Studio Nucleo, a collective of artists and designers directed by Piergiorgio Robino based in Torino, Italy, partners with Gabrielle Ammann Gallery to bring this collection titled “Future Archaeology. In this ...


Smart Car & BoConcept Collaboration
Get ready for a design collaboration that will disrupt your fashionable lifestyle. The genius furniture design company BoConcept and sustainable automobile company Smart, have teamed up and created something magical. A lifestyle revolving around city living. Innovative interior design has expanded to Smart Car with


Z Step by Michael Schooner
The Z-step display system by Michael Schooner is a clever storage system made from 2 simple pieces of sheet metal.


Happiness Brewery
Imagine drinking a beer which contains the best parts of your past, the feelings that you can no longer have…


Let’s Make a Lego Table!
Remember the Lego conference table and the Kitchen Lego counter we wrote about three years ago? Well since then a few other Lego lovers came up with DIY to make your own table on a great budget.


Fritz Hansen’s Milan Flagship Store
The Republic of Fritz Hansen has joined forces with Spotti, the renowned Milanese furniture company, to open a new Republic of Fritz Hansen showroom in Milan. Building on the success of FAVN which launched in 2011, Fritz Hansen will utilize this newly designed space to introduce a beautiful new lounge chair, designed by Jaime Hayon.


Mathias Hahn Product Design
Mathias Hahn must be great at playing connect the dots. The lines he uses to fuse products together, the way each one relates to an everyday problem, the tiny descender that links the “m” and “h” in his typographic logo.


Rolls Royce Jonckheere Aerodynamic Coupe
Alluring, seductive and sensuous, the Rolls Royce is an automobile for the lovers. Turkish automotive designer Ugur Sahin clearly put plenty of that in his own version of the Rolls Royce Jockheer Aerodynamic Coupe, personally initiated to resemble a 1935 Belgian-built model.