Siba Sahabi’s Blue Alchemy

Referencing the first man-made pigment that was developed as early as 2600 BCE, Blue Alchemy is the new bright blue edition of artist Sib…


Light Design by Studio Naama Hofman

Studio Naama Hofman designs and crafts objects of light, offering a new meaning to the word ‘lamp:’ ambient objects which diffuse a soft …


Atelier Sauvage’s Different Design

Rocked by the rhythm of the creeks and mountains, Paul Demarquet and Albane Salmon, the founders of Atelier Sauvage make each of their cr…


House of Hackney Gorgeous Wallpapers

Founded in 2011 by husband and wife team, the elaborate designs of House of Hackney collection of prints feature stylish animal and leaf …


Vera & Kyte Design Studio

Norwegian designers Vera Kleppe and Ashild Kyte constantly explore new materials and aesthetics ranging form objects to spatial design.