Play Optics by Lily Clark

No one likes to go to the doctor, especially to the ophthalmologist, but Lily Clark managed to make the trip to the clinic much more…


Maria Grønlund’s Fluidity Posters

Maria Grønlund is a digital artist from Denmark, and her latest works demonstrate her mastery of digital drawing techniques.


Swish Brand Identity

Buenos Aires-based agency Empatía was commissioned by Swedish seafood company Swish to create a striking brand identity that surpassed…


Edible Insects for the Masses

Imagine a world where insect consumption demand triumphs meat. Edible insects have become ideal meat substitutes considering their…


Marcello Velho’s Graphic Prints

Marcello Velho’s punchy, saturated graphic prints reflect our recent MELDED trend composition forecast. Velho’s use of red, blue and…


Ciara Phelan’s Mixed Media Collages

London based illustrator and textile designer Ciara Phelan contacted us to introduce her beautiful collages work. Working with clients…


Fazer Café Branding

The Helsinki based design studio, Kokoro & Moi designed an elegant visual identity, from packaging to apparel, for Fazer Café.…

Wishbone Coffee Packaging-4

Wishbone Brew: Coffee Packaging

Earlier this year Also Known As was challenged to re-imagine the traditional approach to packaging coffee and create something that we…