Beyond This Point: Design Podcast

Beyond This Point is a podcast series of conversations engaging the inspiring creative thinkers. In conversations centered on design, the…


135 / Vintage 35mm Cameras & Photography

With a gorgeous editorial design, this limited edition 200 page reference book is only about vintage 35mm cameras and 35mm photography &#…


Display Identity for Archival Books

This proposed identity for the displaying of archival books from the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library and Haas Arts Library i…


The Graphic Art of Ruben Fischer

Graphic artist and painter Ruben Fischer refers to his work as visual studies and digital paintings, and that makes absolute sense to us.…


L’ADN Magazine Editorial Design

L’ADN is a quarterly magazine that reports on many different subjects, from trends and communications to anticipations.


Playful Pictograph Fonts

Korea-based graphic design Studio Plat is the brainchild of Eunji Lim, Hwayoung Lee, Hyungseuk Cho, and Sangjoon Hwang.


Krogh Studio Art Deco Prints

The new collection of Kristina Krogh is inspired by the 20s art deco architecture with its sophisticated detailed graphic patterns and it…