The Cute GIF World of Alice Tortue

Just stumbled into the cute world of French 3D artist Alice Tiroille aka Alice Tortue. I really like her graphic style and colors with al…


The Visual Experiments Of Jozef Ondrik

Jozef Ondrik is a young graphic designer from Slovakia. He was born in 1988 in the city of Ruzomberok, where he studied at the School of …


Blokoshka Nesting Houses

Blokoshka, a project by Zupagrafika studio in Poland, is a set of 4 nesting blocks, which can be assembled without glue or scissors.


Do You Want to Space Travel?

Imagination is our window into the future. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab loves the future and this posters project show it even more. They re…


Exploring Visual Trends in Print

Timo Lenzen is a graphic designer from Frankfurt, Germany. In his work, he explores the combination of using 3D programs with more common…


Get into the Groove

Montreal designer, Elizabeth Laferrière was commissioned by Le Bleury, a progressive vinyl bar located in the Art district of Montreal, t…