Hvass & Hannibal Design Studio
I just stumbled over the very graphic and colorful work of Danish multi-disciplinary arts and design studio Hvass & Hannibal. Since 2006, its founders, Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal ...


Geoff McFetridge’s New Show at Cooper Cole
You should already know artist Geoff McFetridge for his work with The New York Times, Colette or Nike. His very graphic signature style of pastel colors and simple shapes made ...


Jordan Metcalf Typography
Cape Town based graphic designer and artist Jordan Metcalf was asked by Boston Magazine to create a toolkit for their 2012 ‘Best of Boston’ issue. The work includes a lock-up for the table of contents, an opening DPS for the section, and various sub-section headers. With editorial typography on our minds lately, Metcalf’s work flagged […]


Rizon Parein’s 3D Graphic Design
Rizon Parein is a bright example of the lucky ones who turned their passion into profession. With a fondness for 3D letter design, Parein dropped out of school at 17 and started with flyers design for Belgian night clubs while freelancing for international agencies followed soon. Now, Parein has managed to build a successful career […]


Creative Model Show Packages
If you are in the fashion industry you already know what a show package is and you have probably seen some of these. If you are not in the industry, ...


World Skin Colors Infographic Scarves
A brilliant find during our recent trip to the New York International Gift Fair, the World Skin Colors scarves turn the demographic data from each country represented into a visual language. Every country has its own composition of skin colors, linked to its population, climate, economy, politics, and social practices, and represented in the palette […]


Siggi Eggertsson’s Landscape Illustrations
Siggi Eggertsson has a succinct, yet light-hearted, write-up on his site: “Grew up drawing, painting and building stuff. Also played some basketball and collected basketball cards. Got my first PC, at first I mainly used it to


Rick Owens Lookbooks Layout by Non Format
Rick Owens‘ consistent, clean and very much “ahead of his time” vision transcends both his mens and womens fashion collections down through to his furniture, home furnishings, reaching into the details of his company: his lookbooks being an extension of this very pure and authentic aesthetic. There is no doubt when one see’s a Rick Owens […]


Lene Nørgaard Marble Inspired Prints
Just stumbled on the print work of Danish graphic designer Lene Nørgaard and I must say I’m loving her pastel, marble inspired prints. Do you?