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The Digital “Installations” of Kyra Schmidt

American photographer Kyra Schmidt is endlessly captivated by the enduring capacity of photography to give form to new experiences and her project Transcriptions is an exploration of this.


Interesting View on Picasso’s Paintings in 3D

Skilled in graphic design and 3D, Pakistan-based digital artist Omar Aqil has randomly chosen a selection of paintings from Pablo Picasso, one of the pioneers of cubism and emblematic of surrealism art.


Scattered Posters By Angello Torres

Graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Angello Torres, envisioned a series of dreamy, scattered posters. Focusing on neat typography, the works illustrate films, art events or depict loose thoughts and ideas.


‘A Movie Poster a Day’ Project Recreates Film Posters

‘A Movie Poster a Day’ is a project by Pete Majarich, reinterpreting artworks that promote some of our favourite films, such as ‘The Graduate’, ‘Inception’ or ‘Lost in Translation’.


Quim Marin Latest Minimalist Poster Series

One of our most share Pinterest article was from Barcelona designerQuim Marin Minimalist posters series (more than 60K pins!) – Still with his very own Swiss minimalist style, Marin’s latest poster series…


Whimsical Sneakers Inspired By Vintage Italian Brands

Footwear inspired by everyday products is a new visual project by Gianluca Gimini. Titled ‘Sneakered’, these quirky shoes are modeled after Lavazza’s Cafe Paulista or Algasiv denture adhesive.


Cocolia’s Quirky and Colorful World

Founded in 2008 in Barcelona, creative studio Cocolia is directed by graphic designer couple Raul Ramos and Mireia Ruiz.