Vemme Day Spa Identity Is Full Of Glow

Vemme Day Spa is a Polish is a beauty cabinet in Swinoujscie, where each appointment serves as an opportunity to create a unique experience.


Par Hasard Playful Branding Is A Domino Game

Par Hasard, loosely translated as ‘by accident’ is a Montreal-based creative studio that built its identity upon the idea of a game. Enigmatically announced with ‘the die are cast’ slogan, Par Hasard’s…


You’re Invited to “The Eye-Ball”

“The Eye Ball” is the sequel to “Our Family Know Glasses”, and continues the true-ish story of the Voorthuis family, optically-obsessed owners of Georgetown Optician. Like the original film “The Eye Ball” was conceived and created by Design Army, who in a bid to outdo “Our Family Know Glasses” hatched a wild tale involving a short sighted optical instruments heiress, villainous butler, purloined heirlooms, and a cast of 50 hunting hounds.


Sleek Visual Identity For Homeware Brand Le Brass

Australian homeware brand Le Brass designs objects that carry a taste of luxury, femininity and minimalism. Its visual identity has been created by a Spanish Tatabi Studio and takes inspiration from the…


Elegant Branding For Anima Restaurant By HOCHBURG Design

The branding for Anima Restaurant by a Stuttgart-based studio HOCHBURG Design speaks raw and organic language. Minimal typography is complemented with stone grey colours, golden foil and symmetric forms.


Beautiful Watercolors Branding for The Good Hippie

The Good Hippie is a small, artisanal beauty and skincare brand from Austin, Texas with an exquisite visual identity. Conceived by Lauren Cooke Design, the packaging features watercolor artworks from Satsuki Shibuya,…


Querido Tulum Branding By Futura Is Ode To The Mexican Spirit

Querido Tulum is a new residential development in Tulum, Quintana Roo. To highlight its spontaneous and liberated spirit, studio Futura has created a visual identity  based upon an epistolary concept to represent…


Femmes Regionales x Normann Copenhagen Collection Of Daily Objects

The collaboration between creative agency Femmes Regionales and Scandinavian furniture brand Normann Copenhagen includes more than 200 small objects.  Called ‘Daily Fiction’, it was envisioned as a playful way to translate the…


Le Turtle Restaurant Branding [New York]

Le Turtle is a new French new wave restaurant founded by Taavo Somer and Carlos Quirarte (of The Smile) on the corner of Chrystie and Rivington streets in New York. The interior…


Homally Ironing Boards Redefine Everyday Chores

Mexican homeware brand Homally redefines everyday chores with a playful collection of ironing boards. The idea was to create objects that beautifully blend with the interior without being shamefully hidden the next…


Vibrant Visual Identity For Biocol Labs

An identity project for pharmaceutical Biocol Labs by Lisbon-based AHxHA Studio proves creativity can saturate any industry. The post-chemical society offers a fresh take on healthcare, trying to cater for human needs…


OMBA Creates Urban Beach Parasols

Urban beach parasols by OMBA marry beautiful design with practicality. Hand-painted patterns of the parasols are inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean sea, packed into plain carry-bags made of organic fabrics.


Emotion-Inspired Branding for Madame Quoi Bakery

New branding for a gourmet bakery Madame Quoi was inspired by a dramatic story of a Parisian socialite, Henriette Callioux and the letters to her husband that were threatened to be published…


Gorgeous Branding for Malik Bros Tailor Goods

Polish branding designer Sebastian Bednarek just releases his latest work for tailor goods brand, Malik Bros. A lovely earthy tone color palette, recycled tags and


NEST Fragrances Botanical Packaging

Designed by a Russian artist Alexander ‘Sasha’ Solodukho, the packaging for a New York- based fragrance brand NEST is inspired by 18th century botanical drawings. Each bottle is classic in its proportions,…


Visual Identity of Terra de Flora by Parametro

Creative studio Parametro designs sleek and modern branding for a Mexican flower workshop Terra de Flora. Located in Pedro Garza García, Monterrey, Terra is inspired by French botanic gardens.


Tokidoki branding by Teresa Baena

New York based graphic design Teresa Baena recently finish the beautiful branding for “Tokidoki”, a mockup for a design Japanese cuisine restaurant.


Traverse Airline Identity

An Airline where the flight’s destination is unknown. Central Saint Martins graphic design students, James Robison and Georgia Harman were tasked with creating a new fictitious Airline, TRAVERSE caters for the wanderluster’s…


Colored Popcorns with Diz-Diz

Spanish creative agency Tatabi Studio had the excellent idea to create Diz-Diz, a project that offers flavored popcorns such as Parmesan cheese, vanilla, curry or cinnamon.


Viviana : Beautiful Branding for nutritional food products

Another beautiful branding by Mexican graphic studio Anagrama. Viviana is a brand for highly nutritional food products made with natural ingredients, antioxidants and super-foods located in Monterrey, Mexico. The brand name comes…


Twig Teas: A Refreshing Attention To Drink And Design

Twig Teas, boasts refreshing and simple ingredients of ‘Filtered water and loose-leaf tea. Nothing else.’ To reflect the purity of the product, Studio Thomas has rebranded the packaging for the Cold Brew…


When Haute Couture Meets Haute Cuisine

French Design Studio b.a.-ba combined the universe of haute couture and haute cuisine in this Cook look book project made under the direction of Lernert & Sander.


How Clever Packaging Turns Pasta Into Hairstyles

Russian designer Nikita was inspired by the diversity of female beauty to create some pasta packaging with women’s face and showing the contents as their hair.


Musq: Natural Skin Care With Clean Design

Musq is an Australian cosmetic brand that boasts natural and ethical ingredients for its luxurious line of skincare. The brand’s mystique is amplified by the inspired product packaging developed by Australian studio…