The Art Collector Penthouse

This art collector penthouse located in Tel Aviv was designed by architect Pitsou Kedem, who is no novice when it comes to redesigning sp…


A Floating Home for Two

Lisbeth Juul and Laust Nørgaard are both the dwellers and designers of this floating on the canals of Copenhagen. They have lived in and …


Flinders Lane Apartment

Paul Marcus Fuog, designer and founder of Coöp, and Dan Honey, Partner at Office for Good Design, happen to live in one of the coolest ho…


Bosque Apartment by Isay Weinfeld

Isay Weinfeld’s Bosque Apartment was designed for a young couple and their teen kids. The clients, an economist and a fashion desig…


A Lush Contemporary Home in São Paulo

This private residence in São Paulo, Brazil, was designed by Studio Guilherme Torres to provide an open plan with uninterrupted flow to t…


Proti Proudu Bistro in Prague

Current and connection are the main themes of the interior design of Proti Proudu Bistro in Prague’s Karlín district.