Cabin In The Woods
Raw, minimalist and modest, Adolf Bereuter‘s latest project is nestled deep in the woods in Wolfurt. The cabin is designed to tread lightly on the land and its sculptural form ...


Hyperlocal Bar in Germany
Veteran bartender Matthew Bax is against the Americanization of cocktail bars. His new spot, Gamsei, in Munich adapts hyperlocalism to mixed drinks.


Beautiful Moroccan-Inspired Courtyards
  Take a trip to Morocco and chances are you’ll find yourself basking in one of these interior courtyards. A way to bring a green space or even a pool area into the house, courtyards practically define Marrakech‘s traditional palaces called riads.


Brazilian Houses with Retro Touches
These Brazilian houses are a perfect showcase of how to channel retro style in contemporary settings. Retro references are always in vogue in the world of interior design. The challenge is creating coherent spaces that evoke a sense of harmony between past and present.


One Man Sauna
Urban planners, journalists, photographers, artists and architects staff the spatial design studio modulorbeat. Hailing from Germany, Muenster School of Architecture grads Marc Gunnewig and January Kampshoff banded together an interdisciplinary group to work “in the field of tension between architecture, city and landscape.” A great example of their work is the One Man Sauna


Color Blocked Architecture
Written by Mateus Andrade Throughout his travels around the world, Brasília-based photographer Zel Nunes embraces the strength of geometry and multicolored minimalism.


The Brick House
Behind the humble exterior of the Brick House hides a bright and airy living space. Designed by the Danish architecture firm Leth and Gori the Brick House was created with two objectives: to be maintenance free for 50 years and to last for at least 150 years. This was achieved by using traditional


Minimalist Mountain Lodge In Morocco
Architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty keep offices in Paris and Marrakech—which is probably why they are experts in blending Eastern and Western architecture. Working on luxury projects for the likes of the Hermes family, their firm Studio KO designed this minimalist mountain lodge in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.