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Inside Casa Migdia In Granollers

Casa Migdia in Granollers, Spain is a house envisioned by SAU Taller D’Arquitectura. Working with the maximum of natural light, the architects aimed to construct plenty of communal spaces in the atypical…


Onsen Design Zen Bath House In San Francisco

Onsen is a Japan-inspired zen bathhouse fit in a former auto body shop in San Francisco. Designed from scratch by husband and wife Sunny Simmons and Caroline Smith, they aimed to keep…


Austere Mar Adentro Hotel In Mexican Los Cabos

A new property in Los Cabos, Mexico, Mar Adentro has been designed by an architect Miguel Angel Aragonés. Changing travelers’ perception of luxury and comfort,


Buhl Nursery In Alsace Is Architecture To Rejoice

Buhl Nursery in French Alsace was designed as a small fortress, where colors of rose, pink and white add vibrancy to raw, minimal forms. Created by Dominique Coulon & Associés, the studio…


Light Club in Mexico Opens The Door To New Universe

Once you enter the hexagon grid of Light Club in Hermosillo, Mexico, you are immediately drawn inside. Created by TAMEN arq, the facade of this newly restored club is irregular and geometric…


Tetsujin Dining Experience In Melbourne

Tetsujin is a unique dining experience in th heart of Melbourne, Australia, inspired by the two sides of Tokyo – city’s order and chaos.


Casa Bahia on Coconut Grove Peninsula [Miami]

Miami modern design meets Asian tropical bespoke design. Envisioned by revered filmmaker Alejandro Landes (known for his award-winning film, Porfirio), Casa Bahia is sits right on a private Coconut Grove peninsula with…