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Dizengoff 99 Restaurant In Moscow

Inspired by the culture of Tel-Aviv, Dizengoff 99 is a cafe restaurant in Moscow’s Garden Ring. Taking its name from the 70s iconic Israeli film ‘Dizengoff 99’, it reflects the modern spirit…


Colorful Apartment Redesign in Kiev

Ukrainian young family hired architectural team Special Project Venediktov to renovate their new home in a one of the highest buildings of Kiev.


Prefab Farmhouse You Can Drop Anywhere

Australian Architecture studio Lai Cheong Brown designed this prefabricated farmhouse which was brought, by truck and barge, largely complete, to the remote French Island in Victoria Australia.


Planchonella House By Jesse Bennett Studio

Planchonella House is a beautiful home in the middle of the rainforest designed by architect Jesse Bennett and interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo.


Inside Casa Migdia In Granollers

Casa Migdia in Granollers, Spain is a house envisioned by SAU Taller D’Arquitectura. Working with the maximum of natural light, the architects aimed to construct plenty of communal spaces in the atypical…


Onsen Design Zen Bath House In San Francisco

Onsen is a Japan-inspired zen bathhouse fit in a former auto body shop in San Francisco. Designed from scratch by husband and wife Sunny Simmons and Caroline Smith, they aimed to keep…


Austere Mar Adentro Hotel In Mexican Los Cabos

A new property in Los Cabos, Mexico, Mar Adentro has been designed by an architect Miguel Angel Aragonés. Changing travelers’ perception of luxury and comfort,