La Guingueta Beachside Bar Barcelona
Built this year, La Guingueta Beachside Bar & Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain was designed by Sandra Tarruella and her firm Sandra Tarruella Interioristas.


Casa Wabi : A New Cultural Hub in Oaxaca, Mexico
Artist’s and like minds are provided a cultural complex refuge in Oaxaca, Mexico at the end of this month called Casa Wabi.


Donny’s Bar in Sydney
Sydney-based architecture firm Luchetti Krelle created a intrepid mélange of neo-rustic elements inside a Chinatown-lite inner shell; making the best of a tight budget and successfully nailing the NY-Loft concept for Donny’s Bar.


Portuguese Farmhouse : Casa No Tempo
Aires Mateus Architecture Firm, together with the owners João and Andreia Rodrigues, transformed an old family farm into a modern retreat in the rural landscape of the Alentejo region of Portugal.


Box House by 1:1
Brasília-based architecture firm 1:1 achieved the feat of balancing a daring concrete exterior with eclectic interior design for the, unsurprisingly named, Box House.


Guatemala Beach House
The Guatemala Beach House project is located on the site of a 1950’s beachside development on the Pacific coast of the country. An area that keeps slowly evolving and expanding outwards to the sea.


Case Inlet Retreat
Seattle-based MW Architects created Case Inlet Retreat, a cabin worthy of praise for its uncomplicated and gorgeous design.


Storage Design Serves as Furniture in this Japanese Loft
Yo Shimada of Tato Architects takes a 1,000 square foot living space on three floors in Itami, Japan and uses his Japanese sensibility to find the most practical and design conscious solution to bringing this space to life.


Minimalist Loft Space by Airhouse Design Office
This minimalist loft in Yoro, Japan, was designed by the architecture studio Airhouse Design Office, based in Gifu, Japan.